Since the Kindle burst onto the scene just seven years ago, the publishing world has never been the same. Suddenly readers were able to discover, purchase, and consume books instantly.  When Amazon launched its Kindle Direct Publishing platform, anyone with a computer and Internet connection was able to become a published author and have their work for sale in the Kindle store.

With this sudden boom in self-published authors, it can be tricky to rise above the clutter. If you were a self-published author with a new book and no reputation or publisher to help you get noticed, how would you promote yourself? One answer is to take advantage of a program that allows Amazon published books to be offered for free on the Kindle platform. These limited-time promotions allow authors to get their book out in the public for free, hopefully to gather a few positive reviews and plant the seeds of a dedicated reader following.

In fact, there is no better way to entice readers into sampling a new book series. When readers have had a chance to sample the first book in a series, they’ll likely come back to the Kindle store and purchase the second, third and subsequent titles in the series. The practice has been so successful that even established authors have realized the benefit and joined the party.

At, we love to promote books by new authors, provided they meet our standards of quality, and often those books are more popular than deals from established authors. Promoting these free Kindle books has helped establish a number of authors who now have a dedicated core fan base. In the end, this means more choice for consumers and more exposure for unknown authors, which in our opinion means its a win-win situation for everyone!